Phuket is one of the provinces in Thailand which is famous for its beautiful beaches. Besides being popular with its beautiful beaches, Phuket has a unique traditional culture and old cities that have a history that caught our attention. Not only that, but Phuket also provides boat rentals, one of which is Isabela Yacht, Isabela Yacht is one of the Catamaran Charter Phuket rental agencies at an affordable price.

Following these 5 tips might help you who are planning a vacation to Phuket, Thailand. Let’s discuss tips & tricks to Phuket to make your vacation enjoyable. the rest is about the Phuket

1. Search for Cheap Tickets / Promos.

Plan your trip so you can get a cheap ticket. This is the first step you should take to reduce your expenses, of course, say if it’s not a holiday, but you’ve spent a lot of money just for tickets.

2. Find Cheap Lodging.

Patong is a bustling area visited by tourists who come to Phuket, Thailand and is famous for accommodation that fits the size of the traveler’s pockets. How not, the price of lodging in the middle of the city 3-star hotel. Do not look for lodging when you’re already there, it will take your traveling time.

3. Determine Transportation.

Transportation available in Phuket is very diverse, from car rental, motorbike to Thai public transportation, namely “tuk-tuk” which is similar to Bajai but has a greater capacity. For you who want to be more flexible and want to be free to go anywhere, you can rent a motorbike at an affordable price. If you travel more than 8 people, you better rent a mini-van with a driver for 2000 baht/day

4. Make a list of your destinations!

This method is very important for you who are first to Phuket to anticipate the loss of time in vain. So you can travel to the nearest tourist attractions without having to go back and forth to the tourist places that you are going to.

5. Select a Tourist Destination.

For you who are planning a vacation to Phuket, you should visit Patong Beach which is said to be similar to Kuta Beach in Bali which has cafes around it. Other places you can visit, and Phi-Phi Island. You can find more information about the tourist attractions above and start making a list of your travel destinations.

So for those of you who are planning a vacation to a beach abroad, you can try to Phuket, Thailand. From Phuket, you can stop by Krabi which is also famous for its beaches which only takes 2 hours drive.