Six Whitetail Deer Hunting Myths You Should Ignore

You must have heard the eerie stories of hunting from your grandparents!

Several myths and misconceptions about whitetail deer hunting are in your ears from your childhood. 

Well, you used to believe those stories when you were a kid. However, they are not all real. 

As you get older and learn more, you have the opportunity to refute and demystify some of these beliefs as the proper truth. You realize what is true and what is not as you continue to grow as a hunter.

The myths surrounding whitetail deer revolve around. So let us check out this write-up about whitetail deer hunts which will help you to overcome myths.

Myth 1# During the rut, bucks are only interested in scrapes.

While bucks primarily paw scrapes during the rutting season, this does not mean that they paw scrapes exclusively during that time. There’s a good chance you’ll find ‘new’ scrapes …